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"Back in 1997...while driving home from a vacation in Ohio, I daydreamed about making an end table out of a steering wheel.  When we got home, I took the wheel out of my 66 Mustang and made my first table.   That idea started it all. "


STEERING WHEEL END TABLES.  Our steering wheel end tables continue to be a strong product.  Even though many guys at shows see ours and go home and build their own. There are enough people out there that appreciate the amount of effort and engineering that goes into each table, not to mention the first class restoration and workmanship. We use original wheels and hubcaps and do all the restoration and painting ourselves. We have access to all original colors and can also do custom colors. We will even use your steering wheel or hubcap. Because availability is un-known, please call for pricing on  your specific model.
Tables shown above.  Left: 57 Chevy Belair in Tropical Turquoise - $ 595.00   Middle: 61 Chevy Impala in Bright Red and Irory with Medium Oak wood base - $ 495.00.  Right: 55-56 Chevy Belair in Black $ 595.00    Add $ 50.00 for crate and freight.


Shown below are just a few examples of steering wheel end tables

63 Chevy Impala

66 Ford Mustang

 Shelby and Cobra

50 Ford


We made this 55 Chevy Belair steering wheel end table for the set of Popular Hotrodding TV. The show featured host's Cameron Evans and Dean Skuza and was one of the best shows out there for gearheads.  During part of the show, Cam and Dean sat in chairs around this table.  Unfortunately, the show is no longer on the air....I wonder what ever happened to the end table.



HUBCAP BASE END TABLES.  We utilize original hubcaps and fabricate bases, columns and a variety of tops.  We use a lot of Mustang and 55-57 Chevy hubcaps but can get just about anything.  These tables are a great way to get the gearhead theme at a lower cost.  Prices start at $ 175.00
The tables shown at left were made for Betty Veteto of Germantown, TN. We used 64 Corvette hubcaps and inlaid 63 corvette fender emblems in the black polymer coated tops.  These were custom ordered to go on each side of their Corvette couch. Due to the custom nature of these tables, we will need to quote prices upon request.


67 MUSTANG HUBCAP POOL CUE TABLE.  Our pool cue tables feature original 67 Mustang hubcap bases and custom tops. The one shown at left is hand painted flames, the one shown at right is an 8-ball graphic. Both are polymer coated.  We drill 6-8 holes in the top that line up with  the holes in the hubcap.  These are a very practical way to store your cue sticks and is also a great place to put your beer when it's your shot.  Tops are 18" diameter, table is 22 1/2" high.  Price..$ 295.00 plus $ 40.00 for freight